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Vibrant Green Dual Purpose Fishing Light - Portable System with Photocell for Dock Light Capability

Vibrant Green Dual Purpose Fishing Light - Portable System with Photocell for Dock Light Capability

Part Number VG250DPFL
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Dual Purpose Portable High Powered HID Fishing Light/Dock Lighting System

This system is perfect for use at vacation homes where the user may set up for a few nights, but would like the ease of storage and transport allowed by our Portable Systems.

Attracts Fish Guaranteed!
Energy Efficient for Extended Battery Life

These HID systems are incredibly energy efficient, drawing just over 2 amps, and will run for hours on a standard 12v boat or car battery when plugged into an Approved 1000w Inverter . Of course the unit can also be used with just about any 110v generator.

Easy to Transport, Use, and Clean
Set up and cleaning are a breeze, and transportation and storage is made easy by our fully sealed, durable hard plastic marine container. Forget flimsy cloth bags. Our sturdy purpose-built storage bucket protects your investment from rough offshore conditions and bad weather.
Rugged and Durable Offshore Construction
While the technology of this system is identical to that featured in our Dock Lights, the offshore model is fully sealed against the elements, and features our protective coated steel cage included with the system.  Also included is the securing strap to fasten the wire to any rail or cleat, as well as the fully sealed weight.
Ridiculously Brighter Than Conventional 12v Fishing Lights
If you have used standard alligator clip fishing lights in the past, you know how effective underwater lights can be in attracting fish.
This system takes that principle to a whole new level!
Anyone that has seen these high powered lights in action can attest to the fact that there can be simply no comparison between fluorescent or halogen fishing lights, and this amazingly bright and effective system.
Note: This unit runs off of 110v power. To use a 12v battery, It must be used in conjunction with an approved 1000w Inverter. We offer these for sale on our Order Page, but you are of course welcome to shop around to find the inverter that best suits your needs.
This Package Includes
Instruction Sheet
Underwater Cord
Dusk to Dawn Photocell
HID Bulb/Housing/Light Assembly
Control Box
9 Plug-in Cord
Protective Cage
Underwater Weight
Zip Ties
Sealed Housing
Fully Sealed Storage Container
Securing Strap
GFCI Fitter Plug
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